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Wearable skin patch to track your health and fitness


Key points from article :

A small, soft patch that can be placed on people’s skin and read a host of information.

Tracking blood pressure and heart rate, it can also see how much glucose, lactate, alcohol or caffeine is in blood.

Aims to measure data on a person’s body and use it to improve their health and fitness.

It could also be used on patients who might otherwise be difficult to track, including children.

“...helpful for people with underlying medical conditions to monitor their own health on a regular basis,” - Lu Yin, co-author of study.

“It would also serve as a great tool for remote patient monitoring.”

Without the invasive and potentially upsetting procedures.

Patch releases a drug into the skin to make it sweat, and then examines for chemical substances.

Now they hope to be able to add more sensors, make the sensor smaller.

Study by UC San Diego Center for Wearable Sensors published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

Noninvasive sensor on skin continuously monitors several vitals all at once

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Nanoengineering PhD student at University of California San Diego