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Wearable, non-invasive skin patch for real-time health monitoring

Tracks both physical and biochemical parameters, aiming for early disease detection & prevention


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Tailored treatment based on vital data could soon be available with all-in-one patch.

A skin-like wearable patch monitors cardiovascular signals and multiple biochemical metrics at the same time.

“This patch will allow us to study your body’s response to activities more closely and in real time.” - Lu Yin, the co-author of a new study.

It can be worn on the wrist or the neck and can potentially communicate wirelessly.

Found that 1 cm of spacing was enough to prevent signal leakage while still keeping the device small enough to wear comfortably.

Stretching and other deformations do not affect the form of the waves recorded by the ultrasound transducer.

Measurements produced with the patch clearly matched those obtained with traditional monitoring devices.

Allows doctors to discover and prevent adverse events earlier, improving the health of their patients and saving lives.

Study from the University of California, San Diego published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

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Lu Yin

Nanoengineering PhD student at University of California San Diego

Nature Biomedical Engineering

Scientific journal covering research of human disease, or its prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

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