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Videregen seeks $10m funding for clinical trials of regenerated organs and tissues

Ground-breaking technology to advance the development of a bio-engineered thymus & lung disease treatments


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Videregen gears up for clinical trials of regenerated organs and tissues to cure chronic and immune-related disease.

Its technology can help restore the thymus, potentially rejuvenating our immune system in the process.

Researchers discovered novel progenitor build a better functioning thymus from scratch.

Uses decellularization process to isolate extracellular matrix of a tissue, leaving only a scaffold of the original tissue.

Scaffold can then be seeded with appropriate cells to enable organ and tissue regeneration.

“The technology is predominantly around the identification, isolation and culture of the correct cell types that are able to reconstitute the immune system,” says Steve Bloor, CEO of Videregen.

Approved for initial clinical trials in respiratory disease and is working towards regenerative thymus technology in 3 years.

Initial indication for Videregen’s immune program is children born without thymus function - complete DiGeorge Syndrome.

Videregen is now seeking $10 million to move both of its programs through to clinical trials.

Research by Francis Crick Institute published in Nature.

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Steve Bloor

Chief Executive Officer of Videregen

The Francis Crick Institute

Biomedical discovery institute dedicated to understanding the biology underlying health and disease


Spin-out regenerative medicine company

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Videregen seeks $10m funding for clinical trials of regenerated organs and tissues