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UK study finds 14 prescription meds possibly linked to longer life

Viagra, cholesterol meds & estrogen replacements linked to longevity, but further research needed


Key points from article :

Using data from UK Biobank, a large study analyzed associations between various drugs and human lifespan.

Out of 406 drugs, 169 drugs had an effect on lifespan and 14 appeared to positively influence lifespan.

Atorvastatin (cholesterol) and naproxen (anti-inflammatory) were among them.

Sildenafil (Viagra) also appeared to be linked to a longer lifespan in men.

Several estrogen-based drugs were associated with a significant lifespan increase in women.

The study found no link between metformin and lifespan.

Statins and SGLT2 inhibitors (diabetes drugs) as a class were linked to a longer lifespan.

This study suggests possible anti-aging effects but doesn't prove causation.

Study led by Alejandro Ocampo from Epiterna, published in medRxiv.

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Alejandro Ocampo

Assistant Professor at University of Lausanne


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UK study finds 14 prescription meds possibly linked to longer life