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To stay young, kill zombie cells


Key points from article :

Proof-of-concept trials starting that pit senolytic drugs against a range of age-related ailments.

Senescent cells will probably need to be cleared only periodically.

Hit and run delivery could reduce the chance of side effects.

Dispatching most of them is enough to make a difference.

COMMENT: great history of cell senescence and its treatment

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James Kirkland

Researcher on different aging related diseases.

Jan van Deursen

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and Professor of Pediatrics at The Mayo Clinic.

Jennifer H. Elisseeff

Morton Goldberg Professor, Johns Hopkins University

Judith Campisi

Professor of biogerontology and Biochemist.

Mayo Clinic

Non-profit American academic medical center focused on health care, education, and research

UNITY Biotechnology

Biotechnology company devoted to research of restoring human health