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The importance of early life microbiome in gut protection


Key points from article :

New study show how microbiome protects gut health since birth.

Attempts to induce harmful cell shedding in young mice (YM).

The YM resisted which kept their gut barrier protected and healthy.

Cellular signals that trigger cell shedding present in YM as in adults.

High levels of signals associated with immune system activation also present.

Suggests suppression of inflammation and processes linked to cell shedding.

These signals regulating immune system are produced by certain gut bacteria.

To confirm, they disrupted the microbiomes of the YM.

Antibiotics were used and gave fecal transplants from adult mice.

YM had harmful cell shedding, protection given by their young microbiomes lost.

Next step: identify microbes, metabolites responsible for the protective effect.

Research by Quadram Institute and University of East Anglia, published in FASEB Journal.

Demonstrated in neonatal mice microbiome mediating an immune response

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