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The deadly link between air pollution and coronavirus


Key points from article :

Air pollution significantly increases covid-19 infections, hospital admissions and deaths.

Infections and admissions increased by about 10% and deaths by 15%.

The study took into account more than 20 other factors including age, obesity.

There is growing evidence from Europe, the US, and China.

Dirty air is already known to inflame the lungs and cause respiratory and heart disease.

But not all agree that the evidence so far is good enough to demonstrate a large impact.

Previously found 8% increase in covid-19 deaths for a single-unit rise in fine particle pollution.

In Netherlands, coronavirus cases were highest and where air pollution is highest.

Due to the ammonia emitted from livestock farms, which forms particle pollution.

Analyses of possible link between air pollution and covid-19 progress, but needs further studies.

Only individual-level data will conclusively resolve the question of a link.

Researchers from University of Birmingham, for publication in Environmental and Resource Economics.

An analysis to answer whether quality of air affects rise in pandemic cases

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