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Taurine linked to extended lifespan and improved health in animals


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Taurine, a nutrient found in animal protein and some supplements, has been observed to extend life and improve overall health in various animal species. 

This nutrient's levels are known to decrease with age across many species, including humans.

Researchers found that replenishing taurine to youthful levels in middle-aged animals led to life extension by over 10%, while also enhancing physical and mental health.

Despite the positive results in animal studies, the team cautioned against individuals consuming taurine supplements or taurine-rich energy drinks to prolong life as its effects on human longevity have not been confirmed.

The study started with an analysis of blood molecules across different species, focusing on the differences between young and old - taurine was found to be significantly lower in elderly individuals, by up to 80%.

The researchers have been studying taurine's role in aging for 11 years, with their findings suggesting a link between taurine and reduced cellular senescence, improved mitochondrial function, and overall enhanced health markers.

However, key questions about taurine's impact on human longevity, why its levels drop with age, how it slows aging, and potential risks remain unanswered, with clinical trials needed to establish any definitive benefit.

Research by Columbia University published in Science.

Anti-aging benefits found of taurine in animal studies, but no evidence to support supplementation in humans yet

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Columbia University

Private Ivy League research university in New York City


Peer-reviewed academic online journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Taurine linked to extended lifespan and improved health in animals