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Systemic Bio develops custom-made organ models from human cells


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3D Systems announced the formation of a new 3D bioprinting subsidiary, Systemic Bio.
Utilizes 3D Systems’ technologies of Print to Perfusion program and Allevi to 3D bioprint vascularized organ models from human cells.
High-res tissues that more closely resemble their human counterparts.
Backed with $15 million in seed funding, and aiming to generate $100 million per year by 2027.
Proven capable of accurately simulating human immune responses, and could help reduce drug R&D costs.
Organ-on-a-chip platform comprises plates of cellularized/acellular vascularized 3D scaffolds and accessories for drug testing.
Custom chips can be produced at ten times the speed and resolution of current platforms.
“..pharmaceutical companies can rapidly and accurately evaluate the efficacy of developmental drugs in the lab, with the goal of reducing development time,” said Jeffrey Graves, CEO of 3D Systems.
Prellis Biologics to develop a 3D bioprinted lymph node capable of recreating human immune responses.
Trestle Biotherapeutics combines stem cell and biofabrication technologies to enable the 3D bioprinting of functional kidney tissues.
Biolife4D to commercialize the mini 3D bioprinted heart.

New firm launched by 3D Systems to advance drug discovery and testing process

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3D Systems

Company that engineers, manufactures and sells 3D printers, 3D printing materials, 3D scanners, and offers a 3D printing service.


Company fighting against heart diseases by printing artificial heart.

Jeffrey Graves

President and Chief Executive Officer at 3D Systems

Prellis Biologics

A biotherapeutics company based in the San Francisco Bay Area to recreate and engineer human tissues in vitro

Systemic Bio

A 3D Sytems company to advance pharmaceutical drug discovery and development with bioprinted human models

Trestle Biotherapeutics

Biotechnology company developing bioengineered kidneys for patients with renal diseases

Systemic Bio develops custom-made organ models from human cells