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Sweat sensor spots early signs of COVID-19 cytokine storms

Early diagnosis of respiratory infections with sweat sensor could enable early treatment to save lives


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Researchers developed a skin sweat sensor that can measure cytokine levels continuously for up to 168 hours.

It can detect deadly cytokine storms that occur in patients with COVID-19 and other illnesses.

“If you could monitor pro-inflammatory cytokines, you could treat patients early, even before they develop symptoms,” - Shalini Prasad, co-researcher.

A blood test to check cytokine levels is inconvenient and provides only one snapshot in time.

Continuous measurement is preferable and the sweat sensing may be a viable alternative.

It consists of a sensor strip into which passive sweat diffuses.

Cytokines change the electric current running through the device, and this is measured and wirelessly transmitted to a smartphone.

The current sensor measures seven different cytokines that are relevant to cytokine storms.

“We’re going to continue to test it for all respiratory infections,” - Prasad.

Research by the University of Texas and EnLiSense presented in ACS.

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American Chemical Society (ACS)

One of the world’s largest scientific societies and a source of authoritative scientific info


Sensor device company based in Texas

Shalini Prasad

Professor in Bioengineering at The University of Texas at Dallas & Co-founder of EnLiSense

University of Texas at Dallas (UTD)

Public research university

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