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Summary of Dr Gervasio Lamas presentation on EDTA clinical trial


Notes from a Forever Healthy Foundation online event about Vascular Rejuvenation using EDTA on 3rd Feb 2021.

Michael Greve gave an introduction - I like that he speaks of the "dark past" (not just the past) when referring to medical advancement. The way we see some 19th century treatments as barbaric will soon apply to 20th century ones too.

Isabelle Schiffer explained how the Forever Healthy Foundation approaches any potential treatment:

1. What are the benefits?

2. What are the risks?

3. What is the best protocol?

Dr Gervasio Lamas then presented the results of the TACT clinical trial.

He initiated the trial to prove that EDTA didn't work, but the results showed the opposite.

Metal pollutants in environment can take years off your life.

Cadmium and lead removed by EDTA (in form of sodium calcium edetate).

3,000% increase in lead in urine.

First observation that lead leads to arterial disease in 1886.

Low-level lead accounts for 18% of deaths in normal US population.

Once in bone, half life is 30 years.

Peripheral artery disease usually affects the legs.

In trial, participants received 40 infusions about 1 week apart.

Mixed with vitamins as FDA wanted to compare with a commonly used treatment.

Total mortality in patients with diabetes had 43% reduction over 5 years - though no benefit to people without diabetes.

Conclusion: toxic metal pollutants are a modifiable risk factor for CVD.

Dr Lamas shared some personal case studies or patients scheduled for below the knee amputation having thier gangrene completely healed.

Also, some patients have clinically improved cognitive function.

Further clinical trials funded and started.

Most attendees in my breakout room were impressed, but would like to see effect without the vitamin cocktail.

5-year mortality for diabetic heart attach patients reduced by 43%

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Dr Gervasio Lamas and Dr Isabelle Schiffer speaking in online meetup about how EDTA therapy affects vascular diseases, organized by Forever Healthy Foundation (FREE)