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Summary of Chris Rinsch presentation at Longevity Med Summit

Explained the production and mechanisms of Urolithin A, and trial results of Timeline's Mitopure


Urolithin A is a naturally occurring postbiotic produced by gut microbiome.

Ellagitannins are a precursor to Urolithin A.

Only 30-40% of people can produce Urolithin A.

UA stimulates mitophagy resulting in healthier mitochondria.

Similar life extension impact on c. elegans as CR.

Human random control trials of Mitopure show improved muscle strength and endurance.

Also lowers inflammation.

More RCTs underway.

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Chris Rinsch

CEO and Co-Founder of Amazentis

Longevity Med Summit

04-May-2023 to 05-May-2023

Annual gathering of the entire longevity ecosystem to tackle the aging problem

Timeline Nutrition

Timeline is a novel nutrition brand committed to delivering clinically proven products that reduce the impact of time on health

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Summary of Chris Rinsch presentation at Longevity Med Summit