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Study on the accuracy of in-silico trials as compared to traditional trials


Key points from article :

Clinical trials require large investments of time, money, and effort and can be disappointing when results are not positive.

Virtual trials may be used to extensively test medical devices before they are tried in humans potentially minimizing the risks.

“...conventional trials take five to eight years from design to completion. In-silico trials could reduce to six months or less while making therapeutic technologies safer and more available to clinicians and patients.”- Prof. Alex Frangi, lead researcher

A virtual clinical trial, conducted wherein researchers created a sample of 82 virtual patients was used to study flow diverter devices in brain aneurysms.

Using In silico modeling the virtual trial predicted a success rate of 82.9 % close to the results of three real-world trials.

"....the approach can replicate the findings of traditional clinical trials, in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.”-Prof. Frangi

Study by University of Leeds published in Nature Communications

Virtual clinical trial can reduce the cost and time required while reducing risk

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Alejandro (Alex) Frangi

Professor at University of Leeds and director of CISTIB

Nature Communications

Journal covering all topics in physics, chemistry, and biology.

University of Leeds

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