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Start-ups to scale manufacturing of stem-cell therapies for practical use


Key points from article :

Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells can morph into good replacements for other cells.

“What makes cells so great is what makes them difficult to manufacture,” - Bollenbach, chief technology officer at ARMI.

Stem cell-based therapies must conquer 2 manufacturing challenges: automated production and volume.

Firms were launched to provide mass production and differentiation of iPS cells.

TreeFrog Therapeutics announced production of a single batch of 15 billion iPS cells in a week.

Cellino Biotech offers a platform for fabricating autologous iPS cell therapies.

“Target manufacturing cost for 2025 is $30,000/dose,” - Nabiha Saklayen, CEO of Cellino Biotech.

Kytopen developed a microfluidic platform to create iPS cells and other forms of cell therapy.

Its system can transfect hundreds of millions of cells in a minute, at the push of a button.

“There are still obstacles to obtain regulatory approval, ” - Kapil Bharti, a molecular-cell biologist at NIH.

All these problems will be overcome, advocates say.

Challenges of mass producing stem cells and how 3 companies are attempting to overcome them

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Cellino Biotech

Biotech company based from Massachusetts, United States

Kapil Bharti

Head of the Ocular and Stem Cell Translational Research Section at NEI.


Biotech offering discovery and manufacturing of cell therapies

Nabiha Saklayen

Co-founder and CEO of Cellino

Thomas Bollenbach

Chief Technology Officer at Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute

TreeFrog Therapeutics

A cell-therapy biotech offering stem cell therapy, clinical development, and other treatment services