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Smartphone connected brain implant changes your mood in an instant!


Key points from article :

A tiny brain implant containing LED lights the size of a single grain of salt has been engineered by scientists.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology say the nanochip could be used to alter moods.

Ultra-soft and bio-compliant polymers provide compatibility with brain tissue.

Lights send messages to the neurons in the brain and may eventually treat neurodegenerative diseases.

Tested on rats by injecting them with cocaine and then sending signals to the brain to suppress the effects.

It can be charged wirelessly from outside the body.

Controlled the chip with an ‘easy-to-use’ smartphone app.

‘Fact that we can control the behaviour of animals is interesting and stimulates a lot of imagination,’ - Jeong-Hoon Kim, Co-author.

‘This technology will facilitate various avenues of brain research.’ - Jeong Hoon Kim.

Research by KAIST published in the Journal Nature Communications.

Tiny brain implants controlled by mobile app provide insights to brain research

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