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Simple at-home fingerprick test reveals thousands of health insights

Reading metabolic and immune responses, blood test paves way for early diagnosis & personalized medicine


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New device measures thousands of molecules from a single drop of blood with a finger prick and "multi-omics" analysis.

“Even more importantly, you can collect the blood drop at home and mail it into the lab,” - Michael Snyder, senior author.

Omics research analyzes the whole spectrum of proteins, fats or the by-products of metabolism.

People respond differently to the same food, and this technique can reveal personalized metabolic responses.

24/7 monitoring with wearable sensors revealed insights on health rhythms and variations in glucose and cortisol levels.

Several ongoing projects are evaluating if this method can be used for early disease detection.

Home testing could also provide more accurate results by avoiding anxiety-induced changes in physiology.

In a pilot study of two test subjects, the researchers were able to measure the levels of 128 proteins (proteome), 1,461 metabolites (metabolome) and 776 lipids (lipidome) from each microsample. 

Study by Stanford Medicine, published in Nature Biomedical Engineering.

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Michael Snyder

Professor of Genetics and Chair at Stanford University

Nature Biomedical Engineering

Scientific journal covering research of human disease, or its prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

Stanford University School of Medicine

Medical school that improves health through discoveries and innovation in health care, education and research

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Simple at-home fingerprick test reveals thousands of health insights