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Should we all get a health check?


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May just find problems that probably don’t need treatment.

NHS offers a health check every five years to people aged 40 to 74.

British Heart Foundation says 7m UK citizens have undiagnosed high blood pressure.

Though 40% of those diagnosed don’t achieve optimal targets.

PSA test benefits are small and the risks are considerable.

The body is full of abnormalities and we don’t know how to interpret everything we see.

Whole body scanning can unearth incidentalomas – spots on organs.

Intervention might well do more harm than good.

The study was published in the PubMed Central.

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British Heart Foundation (BHF)

Charity organization researching heart and circulatory diseases

Matt Kearney

Programme Director at UCLPartners AHSN. Former National Clinical Director for CVD Prevention at NHS England.


UK National Health Service, publicly funded healthcare system in England

PubMed Central (NCBI)

PubMed Central is a full text repository, which contains the full text of publications in the database

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