Seven things wrong in the Indian diet and lifestyle - a cardiologist's opinion


Poor quality carbohydrates like sugar, flour-based products and white rice provide 70% of dietary calories.
Consume 3-4 times more sugar than the WHO's recommended upper limit.
About 84% of Indians are protein deficient due to lack of protein in their diet.
Vegans and vegetarians eat more carbohydrates compared to vegetables and lacks dietary protein.
Use vegetable seed oils like sunflower oil, canola and soybean oil that become toxic after heating.
Drink tea and coffee after midday so there's disturbance to sleep.
Do not take a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day for at least five days per week as recommended.

It's not a surprise that India is considered as the world’s capital of diabetes

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Resource Aseem Malhotra - Honorary Consultant Cardiologist

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