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Scientists discover rapamycin's anti-ageing mechanism


Key points from article :

Rapamycin's new found mechanism of action reveals its anti-ageing value.

Rapamycin is an immuno-suppressor that also has anti-cancer, neuroprotection properties.

Misfolded proteins and damaged organelles collect in ageing and neurodegenerative diseases.

Rapamycin targets calcium ion channel TRPML1 on lysosomal membrane.

Triggers lysosomes to degrade these harmful substances that collect in ageing cells.

Stimulation of this ion channel using rapamycin is anti-neurodegenerative.

Potential to develop drugs with more specific effect on neurodegenerative diseases.

Research by University of Michigan published in PLOS Biology.

Triggers lysosomes to degrade harmful substances that collect in ageing cells

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Haoxing Xu

Professor of Biology at University of Michigan.

PLOS Biology

Journal providing information from all aspects of biology.

University of Michigan

Public Research university.

Xiaoli Zhang

Lab research specialist at University of Michigan.