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Sanguina's mobile app AnemoCheck can help detect anaemia


Key points from article :

"AnemoCheck" can tell if you 'might' have anaemia by looking at your fingernail.

Looks at the nail bed pinkness as a barometer for haemoglobin levels.

"10% less effective than a blood test" - Erika Tyburski, founder of Sanguina.

App cannot definitely detect anaemia - can help know whether to run a test for anaemia or not.

Test is sufficiently accurate and sensitive for screening.

Company is not seeking federal approval.

Sees AnemoCheck as a lifestyle tool - for those who suffer from chronic anaemia.

Useful for the quantified-self crowd—people who want to measure every aspect of their health.

AnemoCheck is now available in the Google Play store; coming soon to Apple’s App Store.

Free to download, with tests available as in-app purchases.

A fingernail picture can help decide if you need a blood test for anaemia

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Company Representative

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Sanguina


Wellness tool company focused on the development & distribution of simple-to-use and standalone point-of-care diagnostics