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Safer and faster treatment of tendon injuries with stem-cell fat grafts


Key points from article :

Tendon injuries in sheep treated with stem cell grafts achieved a diameter and hardness similar to healthy tendon.

Due to overuse or age-related degeneration, tendon injuries became a common problem.

AAMG and stromal vascular fraction (SVF) have shown to improve tendon healing in 60%-70% of rodents.

In this study, tendinopathy was induced in 16 Apennine sheep into both common calcaneal tendons (CCT).

After 15 days, one CCT in every ovine underwent randomly to 2.5 mL of AAMG.

At 8 weeks, tendon diameter (9.1mm) and hardness expression (62%) in treated group were similar to a healthy tendon (8.1 mm; 100%).

High expression of collagen 1, Factor VIII and low expression of collagen 3.

“AAMG has a great anti-inflammatory and healing effect for musculoskeletal disorders,” - Francesco De Francesco, co-senior author.

“SVFs represent a safe, reliable, and more effective treatment, with lower complications,” - Michele Riccio, co-senior author.

Study by Azienda ‘OspedaliRiuniti’ Ancona published in SCTM.

Tendons regain their original healthy condition within 2 months of therapy in sheep

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Francesco De Francesco

Medical Director, Azienda ‘OspedaliRiuniti’ Ancona

Michele Riccio

Plastic Surgeon at AOU ospedali Riuniti Ancona

Ospedali Riuniti Ancona

Specialised hospital-university

Stem Cells Translational Medicine (SCTM)

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