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Robot Scientist uses AI to find cure for covid-19


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​A robot scientist is a laboratory system that uses AI to automate scientific research.

It autonomously forms hypothesis, plans and executes the experiments, analyses the results, and repeats the cycle.

The robot scientist Eve has been assembled and is now operating at Chalmers University of Technology.

Eve’s first mission is to identify and test drugs against covid-19.​

Eve was developed for early-stage drug development and has previously discovered novel drugs against several tropical diseases.

AI systems now have superhuman scientific skills that are complementary to human scientists.

“This will free human scientist to make the high-level creative leaps at which they excel,” - Ross King, Professor of Machine Intelligence.

His first robot scientist, Adam, was the first machine to autonomously discover scientific knowledge.

New robot scientist Genesis, which is under development, is designed to better understand how human cells work.​

Speeds up drug discovery process, allowing researchers to find new treatments for deadly diseases

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Chalmers University of Technology

University located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ross D. King

Professor of Machine Intelligence at the University of Manchester.