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Researchers explore the potential of sound waves for anti-ageing


Key points from article :

Scientists discovered low-frequency ultrasound (LFU) treatment can reverse ageing signs in cells.

Unlike other methods targeting ageing cells, LFU doesn't destroy them, but instead makes them move, divide, and act younger.

Originally used to eliminate cancer cells, LFU surprisingly rejuvenates ageing cells, reducing markers of ageing and improving their function.

LFU treatment helps cells clear waste and even lengthen their protective caps (telomeres), key signs of cellular youth.

Treated cells divide more, mimicking the effects of exercise at a cellular level, potentially offering a novel approach to combat ageing.

While more research is needed, this pre-print study in bioRxiv suggests LFU could be a non-invasive method to rejuvenate ageing cells, offering exciting possibilities for future therapies.

Originally used to fight cancer, sound waves surprisingly revive old cells

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Researchers explore the potential of sound waves for anti-ageing