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Red light therapy could be the clue to restore your eyesight


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Scientists are hopeful that red light therapy could help humans to live healthier, longer lives.

Professor Jeffrey initially studied the impact of red light on the quality of life of fruit flies

"It not only improved the metabolism of flies but also the flies lived longer and were much healthier in old age" - Jeffrey.

As flies and humans grow older, the mitochondria grows weaker, resulting in a decline in health.

But the red light appeared to have a recharging effect.

Red light could also boost the health of humans as flies have almost identical mitochondria.

His current study is focusing on improving eyesight.

Testing on the retinas of 24 healthy adults between the age of 28 and 72 with no previous eye disease.

Volunteers are required to shine a red light torch onto the eye for three minutes every morning.

Jeffrey hopes his research will prove that red light could be used as a treatment to improve eyesight in older people.

Research by University College London.

Red light improved health and lifespan of fruit flies; might work on humans too

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Professor of Neuroscience, UCL


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