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Proteins from parasitic worms could be the next anti-ageing therapy


Key points from article :

Losing helminth parasites, which used to live relatively harmlessly in our bodies, can cause ageing-associated inflammation.

Helminths infected humans throughout evolutionary history, and have become master manipulators of our immune response.

Authors reviewed the evidence for helminth therapy in treating inflammatory disorders or reversing inflammageing.

Reveal how the loss of helminths has so far been linked to a range of inflammatory diseases.

The safer and more palatable option is using helminth-derived proteins to achieve the same therapeutic benefits.

Shown to prevent the age-related decline in gut barrier integrity in mice.

Also had beneficial effects on fat tissue, a major source of inflammageing.

"Elimination of helminth parasites have been of incalculable benefit, but a cost coupled to abnormalities of immune function," - David Gems, co-author.

Study by Institute of Healthy Ageing published in eLife.

Helminth parasites may provide protection against inflammation disorders

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