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Professor emphasizes power of AI in faster development of new drugs


Key points from article :

Aspuru-Guzik believes that AI is poised to change the very way we do science.

Machine learning algorithms, AI, gives scientists time to “work on more important things”.

Such as thinking about the kind of research projects to pursue in the first place.

Aspuru-Guzik, together with colleagues, co-authored a paper in Nature Biotechnology.

Reports on an AI system quickly identifying a compound that could treat muscular dystrophy.

An AI system isn’t daunted by issues of complexity or size.

AI, he believes, has the potential to transform many branches of science

Current collaborations with Jason Hein and pharma giant Merck, on further drug research.

AI holds the promise of greatly speeding up each stage in the drug development process.

And perhaps even improving the efficiency of clinical trials.

"Combination of creativity, vision and daredevil science defines how big ideas come to fruition.”

Unimaginable potential of AI yet to be discovered and applied in medicine

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Professor of Chemistry and Computer Science, University of Toronto


Chemist at the University of British Columbia


Pharmaceutical company


Journal providing information from all areas of biotechnology.


Global research and training centre.


Public research university located in Toronto