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ProdromeScan to assess biochemical status in breast cancer


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Prodrome Sciences collaborated on breast cancer biochemistry.

Biochemical status of women with breast cancer was assessed before and after treatment using Prodrome’s ProdromeScan technology.

Two separate studies involving 300 females were done-.

First was a cross-sectional study prior to treatment and the second was a longitudinal study that enrolled women at diagnosis and followed them through their treatment.

Both studies showed that plasmalogen ( found in cell membrane) levels were lower in women diagnosed with breast cancer.

They also showed that breast cancer patients have elevated elongase activity as measured with ProdromeScan, which was previously only reported in ovarian cancer by Dr. Goodenowe.

Surgery resulted in the normalization of elongase but had no effect on plasmalogen levels. 

This indicates that low blood plasmalogens are most likely a pre-existing risk factor whereas elevated elongase activity is related to active breast cancer.

A blood test that can detect biomarkers for breast cancer risk and activity

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