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Poor women in England are dying younger, reveals a life expectancy report


Key points from article :

Women in most deprived areas of England can expect to live 78.7 years – worse than any OECD country except Mexico (77.9)

Women in 10% least deprived areas live on average 86.4 years – highest after Japan (87.3 years).

Life expectancy for women in the poorest areas is well below the UK (83.1), England (83.2), and the OECD (83.4).

Most deprived areas include the local authority areas of Blackpool, Knowsley, Liverpool and Middlesbrough.

Least deprived areas include Chiltern, Hampshire, Hart and Rutland.

“The UK is at 25th– somewhat disappointing for the world’s 5th largest economy,” - Jo Bibby, director of health at Health Foundation.

A fundamental shift in policy urgently needed to enable women to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

Analysis exposes the true scale of health inequalities in England.

The cost of living crisis is likely to further widen the gap between rich and poor.

Bibby said the government must provide jobs, housing and quality education to improve women’s health in the poorest areas.

Female life expectancy in poorest areas was 7.7 years lower than richest areas of England

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Jo Bibby

Director of Health at the Health Foundation

The Health Foundation

A nonprofit organization working towards better health care