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Polymer tube to aid peripheral nerve regeneration


Key points from article :

Researchers develop a biodegradable nerve guide to help damaged nerves grow back.

It's a polymer tube filled with growth-promoting protein that can bridge damaged nerves.

No need for transplanting stem cells or a donor nerve.

Bridged a large, 2-inch gap between the nerve stump and its target muscle in monkeys.

Achieved 80% of fine motor control even with a 2-inch nerve gap in the forearm.

Awaiting Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the first human clinical trial.

Research by University of Pittsburgh published in Science Translational Medicine.

Better than just letting the nerves grow haphazardly on their own

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AxoMax Technologies

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Kacey Marra

Specialist in regenerative medicine and professor at University of Pittsburgh

Science Translational Medicine

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University of Pittsburgh

Public state-related research university