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Pay-to-participate young-blood transfusion clinical trial


Key points from article :

Bill Faloon inviting people to join a pay-to-participate clinical trial.

Will test transfusions of young blood.

Potentially live longer and some chronic problems may disappear.

People considering enrolling may have to pay $285,000.

The study was published in the Heliyon journal.

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Offers young blood plasma transfers after running a trial in 2016-18

Amy Wagers

Senior Investigator and Co-chair at Harvard Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology

Celltex Therapeutics

Biotechnology company leading the field of regenerative medicine developing treatments for unconquered injuries and diseases.


Cell therapeutics company

Dipnarine Maharaj

Medical Director at South Florida Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant

Elysium Health

A company focused on research and development based on new scientific findings


Scientific journal providing information on research across life, physical, social, and medical sciences.

Michael Conboy

Lecturer in Department of Bioengineering at Berkley University of California.

William Bill Faloon

Director and co-founder of the Life Extension Foundation

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