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OptiMind app designed for early diagnosis of dementia with simple tapping


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Neurodegenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s are more feared.

Integrated Cognitive Assessment (ICA) test, developed by the British startup Cognetivity Neurosciences.

An early diagnosis could help people plan ahead and put their affairs in order.

The procedure runs on an iPad. A zebra appears onscreen and then disappears, replaced by a railway bridge.

The user should tap on the right side of the screen when they see an animal, and on left side when they don’t.

Aims to assess the raw information processing speed of the visual system.

With a test that should work the same regardless of someone’s language skills.

Dementia has a very long preclinical phase—as long as 20 years.

In some cases scans and blood tests can detect subtle changes but symptoms have not yet appeared.

In dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, amyloid forms tangles and plaques in the spaces between brain cells.

Cognetivity CEO Sina Habibi calls a “long period of drought” in a field that has lagged behind cancer.

A 5-minute test can assess the early risk of getting dementia

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Platform technology for early detection of dementia.

Company Representative

CEO at Cognetivity Ltd