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One test for all infectious diseases: rapid diagnosis with Torus Biosystems


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Torus Biosystems developed the Synestia system, a point of care diagnostic tool for infectious disease.

Recently attracted $25 million in financing.

Shawn Marcell, CEO of Torus Biosystems, explains about infectious diseases and the Synestia system.

- The WHO reports that globally over 17 million people die each year due to infectious diseases.

- Traditionally, infectious pathogens are identified through culturing and an additional antimicrobial susceptibility test.

- This waiting game results in inappropriate use of antibiotics and suboptimal patient outcomes.

- The Torus Synestia System works by integrating convection-based qPCR and proprietary toehold probes.

- When a specimen is introduced, pathogen cells are lysed, DNA/RNA is extracted, purified, and presented in the reaction chamber.

- For each sample, over 1000 targets can be detected in under 30 minutes.

- Can detect any pathogen as long as there is a nucleic acid sequence available that uniquely identifies it.

Synestia system, a point-of-care device to detect any pathogen in less than 30 minutes

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Co-founder and CEO of Torus Biosystems, Entrepreneur, and a Board Member


Developing the next-generations diagnostic technologies for syndromic infectious diseases