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Oliver Zolman suggests longevity marketers adopt a checklist for antiageing claims


Key points from article :

When it comes to Longevity marketing there are clear, evidence-based claims and claims based on a single patient.

Oliver Zolman, founder of 20one Consulting, came up with a draft checklist for ethical marketing.

Check-points that Longevity marketers might consider:

Writing the species, study type and exact population;

For mouse and other lifespan studies, is it inbred/outbred, wild type/short-lived, median and max lifespan of the control group;

Exact population of the product or service is for;

Dose & outcomes to measure;

False, misleading statements on measuring biological age.

Zolman developed his own framework of longevity therapies:

Level 1 - good evidence and increases average lifespan by over five years for 95% of people.

Level 2 - less than five years’ evidence of increasing average lifespan.

Level 3 - experimental things, which aren’t proven but have evidence on improving maximum lifespan.

“Three things to provide when making a health claim: PICOTS structure, safety and efficacy markers.”

Avoiding the spread of fake/misleading health information with ethical marketing

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