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Obesity rivals smoking as a leading cause of cancer


Key points from article :

Regular exercise is important to prevent cancers as the UK emerges from lockdown.

Being overweight or obese leaves individuals vulnerable to tissue damage and the development of tumours.

More than a dozen types of cancer having been linked to excess weight.

Obesity is now the second highest risk and in future is likely to become the main cause.

By 2040 obesity will have overtaken smoking as the leading preventable cause of cancer.

Better chances of cancers not returning if exercise more often and improved diets.

Gentle exercise reduced liver inflammation and improved the metabolism of older mice.

Exercised mice had less fat in their liver and moved more quickly.

Extra fat send signals to cells to divide more often, which can lead to cancer.

More than 135,000 cases of cancer could be prevented each year largely through lifestyle changes.

“There may be more benefits for cancer prevention through increased physical activity,” - Linda Bauld of Edinburgh University.

Study by Cancer Research UK.

Regular exercise & better diet lowers cholesterol and can help in preventing cancer

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Bruce and John Usher Chair in Public Health, Usher Institute at University of Edinburgh.