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NR supplementation restored youthfulness to blood in older mice


Key points from article :

Researchers reversed the age-related decline in the function of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) in older mice using nicotinamide riboside.

This can make our blood more youthful and increase the effectiveness of stem cell transplantation

As a result of 8-week-long NR supplementation, HSCs in old mice became much calmer.

Their levels of metabolic activity decreased and their proliferative potential largely restored.

Treatment lowered the mitochondrial mass via clearance of defective mitochondria.

Found that NR reduces several markers of mitochondrial stress.

As soon as NR was discontinued, HSCs quickly returned to their aged phenotype.

NR treatment restores HSCs’ homing and engraftment ability almost to youthful levels.

By boosting the function of aged HSCs, it could make transplants from older people more effective.

Study by CSIRO, Monash University and University of Queensland published in Nature Communications.

Lowers age-related defects of blood stem cells & make stem cell transplants more effective

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