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Nanoparticles carrying TNF can stimulate healing of muscle ischemia


Key points from article :

Nanoparticles seeded with a molecule the body produces can prompt stem cells to heal wounds.

These “nanostimulators” are nanoparticles laced with TNF-alpha.

Binds to a receptor on stem cell surface, to provide localized, targeted delivery of TNF-alpha.

Allows cells to release beneficial factors for a more prolonged time period.

Needs to collect stem cells, prepare the nanostimulators and inject them at operating room.

Necessary to optimize conditions for stem cell harvesting and to study long term effects.

Research by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, published in the journal ACS Nano.

Able to recover from induced surgical ischameia in hind legs of mice

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Associate Professor at Beckman Institute Professor at College of Applied Health Sciences, UIUC