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MyMD Pharmaceuticals begins phase 2 trial of TNF-inhibitor in January 2022

Potential oral treatment to prevent sarcopenia and frailty, and extend healthy lifespan


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MyMD Pharmaceuticals' lead compound, MYMD-1 to treat autoimmune and age-related diseases, including extending human lifespan.

Starting a Phase 2 human trial in January 2022, targeting sarcopenia as its primary endpoint.

“We have 14 patents issued for MyMD-1,” - Adam Kaplin, CSO at MyMD.

Focus on “markers like muscle loss, weakness, frailty, and increased predisposition for age-related pathology.”

It reduces chronic inflammation through inhibition of several cytokines, including TNF alpha.

“It’s the first proinflammatory cytokine to go up when you get an infection/inflammatory illness, and it turns on IL-6 and IL-1.”

It is also selective and able to cross the blood brain barrier.

“ shut down the inflammation and measure sarcopenia over time in at-risk population,” - Kaplin.

Followed by a 6-month trial in people with increased signs of inflammation.

Efficacy data is expected by the end of the first quarter of 2022.

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Adam Kaplin

Chief Scientific Officer of MyMD Pharmaceuticals

MyMD Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical company developing novel immunotherapies to extend human lifespan

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