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mTOR inhibitors reversed immune ageing to treat viral infections in older adults

Much needed approach to improve immune function during the COVID pandemic


Key points from article :

During aging, the mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) signaling pathway is typically overactivated.

A 2014 clinical trial showed that mTOR inhibitors boost the immune response in people over 65 to an influenza vaccine.

Phase 2b and Phase 3 trial participants were given RTB101 in winter during the influenza season for a 16-week period.

In phase 2b, RTB101 reduced the percentage of patients developing RTIs with severe symptoms.

Phase 3 trial enrolled 1024 people aged 65 and over and a daily dosage of 10 mg of RTB101 was used.

Prior to Phase 3, the FDA requested a change in the primary endpoint from laboratory confirmation of an RTI to the number of participants with at least one symptom of an RTI.

Study authors reported no significant reduction in RTIs

Daily administration of RTB101 boosted the expression of the IFN-responsive antiviral genes.

Might be an effective approach against coronaviruses or influenza viruses and resulting RTIs.

Study by resTORbio published in The Lancet.

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