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'Mix and Drink' powder entering market to slow down aging


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NOVOS is a start-up company aiming to provide consumers with science-based nutraceuticals.

Central role in preventative healthcare, extend healthspan and increase human Longevity.

NOVOS Core's “mix-and-drink” nutraceutical powder set to launch in mid-January 2021 to slow down aging.

Ingredients include fisetin, pterostilbene, micro-dosed lithium and calcium alpha-ketoglutarate.

“Target multiple aging mechanisms, specifically the nine classical hallmarks of aging,” - Chris Mirabile, CEO of NOVOS

Customer base will be offered both free and premium Longevity tests.

Data can then be entered in the NOVOS app so that health improvements can be tracked.

"Nutraceuticals with tests to track aging and health is a powerful combination for longer, healthier life,"- Kris Verburgh, CSO at NOVOS.

Consultants and a scientific advisory board from some of the most renowned scientists in the Longevity field.

You can sign up for the mailing list and pre-order at

NOVOS' nutraceutical with free longevity tests plans to launch in January 2021

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Company Representative

Founder, CEO at NOVOS


Medical doctor and author focused on aging and aging-related diseases


Daily longevity drink mix.