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Mitrix gains funding to transfuse young mitochondria


Key points from article :

Mitrix secured $250,000 in pre-seed funding to develop a whole body mitochondrial transfusion technology.

First investment of Ronjon Nag’s R42 AI and Longevity Fund.

Mitochondria are one of the key factors in the aging process.

Idea is to grow young mitochondria in external bioreactors and then transfuse them into your body.

Mitochondrial transfusions can deliver therapeutic results in humans.

“We’re actually supplementing your mitochondria with younger mitochondria.” - Tom Benson, founder of Matrix.

Could also potentially help children who have mitochondrial mutation diseases.

"We have blood banks today, and so, in theory, we’d like to have mitochondria banks in the future," - Benson.

Mitrix will involve putting together a demonstration animal model in the coming weeks.

"Mitochondria is the result of 90% a cell’s energy – it could help many different diseases all at once.” - R42 Group’s Ronjon Nag.

Trials on mitochondrial transfusion might help tackle many ageing diseases

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Company Inventing and Investing in AI, Science and Biotech.

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Managing Director and Founder at R42 Group.

Company Representative

Founder and CEO of Mitrix.Bio