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Mitlets improve immunity and treat many age-related diseases


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Mitrix Bio is exploring the potential of mitlets to allow the transfusion of mitochondria from multiple donors into a single recipient.

Mitlets transfer their mitochondria to nearby cells to help strengthen the immune system and regenerate tissue.

Can be extracted safely from the blood and injected in large quantities.

With 10 or more donors contributing mitlets...the recipient can potentially be given healthier mitochondria.

“Mitlets are a form of concentrated healing power,” says Tom Benson, CEO of Mitrix Bio.

“We might create therapies to artificially boost mitlets, promoting faster healing in the elderly or the immune-compromised.”

Blood banks could extract and store the mitlets before discarding expired platelets.

Donation of mitochondria opens up the possibility to treat age-related diseases.

May also play a significant role in determining the longevity of humans and animal species.

It is still an experimental concept and is far from being available as an approved treatment in humans.

Experimental therapy to transfuse healthy mitochondria from multiple donors

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