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Mini-thymus used to produce and train T cells

Able to regenerate ageing immune system, and reduce cost of immunotherapy


Key points from article :

UCLA has managed to guide pluripotent stem cells into becoming adult T cells.

Used artificial thymic organoids to produce and train human T cells,

Thymus shrinks as we age and trains an ever-declining number of T cells.

This decline of the immune system increases vulnerability to diseases.

Could potentially reduce the cost of immunotherapy.

Researchers also genetically modified the PSCs to detect and destroy specific tumours in mice.

Next step is to create T cells that lack the molecules specific to immune rejection.

The study was published in Cell Stem Cell.

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Cell Stem Cell

Scientific journal covering stem cell biology.

Gay Crooks

Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at UCLA.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Public land-grant research university

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