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Microneedle- delivered stem cells to boost wound healing

Findings open up new possibilities for personalized regenerative medicine


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New study shown stem cell can be delivered into injured tissues with microneedles, to heal wounds.

Particularly, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), found to have broader healing potential.

They boost the formation of new blood vessels, reduce inflammation, and keep cells alive.

Researchers made microneedles out of the gelatin matrix, complete with MSCs.

These were then encased in a shell made of a tougher biomaterial called PLGA.

90 percent of the MSCs were still alive and functioning 24 hours later.

LGA-coated microneedles were embedded into mice wound.

The team called the system Detachable Hybrid Microneedle Depot (d-HMND).

It was observed that the technique sped up the contraction of the wound.

Also sped up regrowth of skin and hair, reduced inflammation, and stimulated remodeling of tissue.

Concept would be compatible with using patient-derived cells in more personalized device approaches.

Researchers from Terasaki Institute and UCLA, published in Advanced Functional Materials.

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Advanced Functional Materials

Scientific journal covering materials science.

Ali Khademhosseini

Director and CEO of the Terasaki Institute

Terasaki Institute

Independent non-profit research foundation

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Public land-grant research university

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