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Advanced Functional Materials

Scientific journal covering materials science.

Firmly established as a top-tier materials science journal, Advanced Functional Materials reports breakthrough research in all aspects of materials science, including nanotechnology, chemistry, physics, and biology every week.

Advanced Functional Materials is known for its rapid and fair peer review, quality content, and high impact, making it the first choice of the international materials science community.

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Advanced Functional Materials News

Targeted imaging strategy to diagnose inflamed atherosclerotic lesions

Medgadget - 18-Aug-2021

Photoacoustic imaging of inflamed atherosclerotic plaques by carbon nanotubes


Bones could soon be 3D printed directly into patient's body

IEEE Spectrum - 28-Jan-2021

Ceramic ink printing synthetic bones offers future scope for handheld printers


The first hydrogel that has mechanical properties of cartilage

ScienceAlert - 05-Jul-2020

Could someday replace just the damaged cartilage, instead of having to remove entire knee joint


Microneedle- delivered stem cells to boost wound healing

New Atlas - 09-Jun-2020

Findings open up new possibilities for personalized regenerative medicine


3D printed hybrid living materials that can control living organisms - 23-Jan-2020

Pigments can be replaced with useful chemical substances in the future


Prototype contact lenses use blinking movement to change focus

Gizmodo - 29-Jul-2019

One step closer to futuristic contact lenses from sci-fi movies


Developing the right material for brain implants

The Verge - 30-May-2018

Silicon-based brain implants still need a lot of improvement but will work for now


3D-printed guide helps regenerate complex nerves

Kurzweil Network - 18-Sep-2015

Regrowth of nerves after injury or disease is very rare. New technique 3D imaged and 3D printed ...


Nanofiber sensor instantly detects diabetes or lung cancer in breath

Kurzweil Network - 13-Jun-2013

Researchers have developed a highly sensitive exhaled-breath sensor. Those sensors allow for dia...