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Magnetic spray transforms objects into lifesaving robots


Key points from article :

A glue-like magnetic spray can turn pills into mini robots and navigated through the body.

The sprayed objects can be made to roll, flip and crawl using a magnetic field.

M-spray is made from polyvinyl alcohol, gluten and iron particles.

"Spray coating can be removed using an oscillating magnetic field to break it down into powder" - Shen Yajing, Associate Professor.

The remaining powder can be absorbed or excreted by the body.

This could prove useful for delivering pills to a particular location.

Tested by successfully manoeuvring and disintegrating an M-spray-coated drug to a target area in rabbit’s stomach.

With biocompatible components and negligible side effects, it makes a good candidate for biomedical applications.

Research by City University of Hong Kong published in Science Robotics.

Scientists made mini robots that work under magnetic field to deliver pills

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Public Research university.


Journal providing information in the field of robotics.


Principle Investigator and Associate Professor at CityU.