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Low stress hormone levels promotes premature ageing


Key points from article :

Low cortisol levels can cause issues of their own, resulting in inflammation and premature ageing.

Levels of cortisol are lower in the elderly and ability of macrophages declines with age.

This decrease in macrophage function can lead to an increase in inflammation.

Latest research identified GILZ protein as one involved in macrophage malfunction in elderly.

Lower cortisol causes macrophages to produce less GILZ, which leads to an inflammatory response.

Team genetically deactivated the GILZ protein in their study.

Confirming their theory that macrophages were activated as a result, increased inflammation.

Further research conducted to find new active compounds which could increase GILZ levels.

"Huge amount of work needs to be done before we have a medically effective drug.”

Research from Saarland University, published in Aging Cell.

Balance is key to everything especially with human body

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Aging Cell

Scientific Journal devoted to age related diseases.

Alexandra K. Kiemer

Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology at Saarland University

Jessica Hoppstädter

Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology at Saarland University

Saarland University

Public Research university.