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Longevity in Blue Zones - key ingredients for a longer life


Key points from article :

In Blue Zones chances of living to 100 years old is ten times higher than the US average.

Eating in moderation with a 10% calorie restriction may reduce DNA damage and improve repair.

Social connections formed by being a part of a spiritual community may add up to 5 years to life.

Greeks in Ikaria drink few cups of teas or coffees which may be linked to low cardiovascular diseases.

Japanese in Okinawa eat sweet-potato and bitter melon benefit their carbohydrate metabolism.

Sardinian Blue Zone’s natural landscape and traditional way of living demands daily physical activity.

Radioactive radon leaked into its water springs in Ikaria may be linked to long lives of its population.

May be it's not just one factor but a combination of all the right factors

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