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Longevica to launch life extension supplements by late 2021


Key points from article :

Longevica created a biotechnology platform for longevity after researching the life-span of laboratory mice.

Spent 11 years researching supplements to increase human longevity.

Attracted a total of $13 million from investors, including Alexander Chikunov, a longevity investor.

It now aims to produce medicines, dietary supplements and food products.

"By 2026, the sales of services and products for this audience will be around $27 trillion," - Aynar Abdrakhmanov, CEO at Longevica.

"Large-scale screening of all known pharmacological substances on long-lived mice to find those that prolong life," - Chikunov.

Five substances significantly increased longevity by 16-22%: Inulin, Pentetic Acid, Clofibrate, Proscillaridin A, D-Valine.

Formed a view about the elimination of certain heavy metals from the body and improved the body’s ability to remove toxins.

A 11-year long research in mice revealed 5 potential compounds to increase human longevity

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Company Representative

Social Entrepreneur; Founder of Longevica

Company Representative

Serial entrepreneur; Chief Executive Officer at Longevica


Longevity company based in New Jersey