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The public should know that people can live healthier and die with fewer diseases.

Longevity genes we found were two lipid genes (CETP, APOC3).

Delayed aging in centenarians is enough to protect them, to give them resilience against age-related diseases.

Our endpoint of the trial is clusters of diseases, not one disease.

Metformin lowers 5-year mortality by 17% in humans, delayed diabetes by 30%,.

It’s not because you’re abnormal metabolically, it’s just that metformin targets aging.

In addition to exercise, another major thing people can do today to live longer is eating better.

Fasting is very important for the longevity of the animals. Has the same been proven in humans? Not yet.

It’s very hard to do longevity studies in humans. So, we need biomarkers that will show us it’s working.

Today, half of the people die before the age of 80. Metformin is not going to give us the maximum lifespan (115 years).

A lot will be coming soon from many directions, you just wait.

Optimistic on ageing research and a breakthrough human trial to extend healthspan

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Nir Barzilai

Founding director of the Institute for Aging Research.