Non-intrusive way of generating large quantities of stem cells


The technology helps to produce large quantities of stem cells in a short time from a small amount of blood.
Produced stem cells can generate and replace damaged cells within blood vessels.
The treatment could prevent a range of vascular-related complications in people with diabetes.
Endothelial Specific Molecule 1 (ESM1) is a particular gene in the stem cells.
Activated ESM1 could enhance the production and function of newly generating endothelial cells.
Discovery by researchers at Queen's University Belfast and King's College London.
The preclinical study was published in Stem Cells.

Discovery could revolutionise treatment for vascular and diabetes-related cardiovascular diseases

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Resource Andriana Margariti - Senior Lecturer at Queen's University Belfast.

Resource King’s College London

Resource Queen's University Belfast (QUB) - Public Research university.

Resource Stem Cells - Scientific journal providing information from all aspects of stem cell biology.

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